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Sludge Treatment / Dehydration / Membrane Technology / Treatment Equipment / Related Products
Ion Exchange, Electroosmosis, Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, Reverse Osmosis (RO), Blower, Centrifuges, Filter Press, Air Compressor, Dewaterer, Sludge Disgestion, Deep Dehydration, Reuse of Sludge, Sludge Treatment, etc.

Waste Water / Sewage Treatment Equipment / Water Treatment Chemicals
Air-Flotation Equipment, Electrolysis / Aeration Equipment, Coagulant, Detector, Dispersant, Redox Reagent, Defoamer, Antiscalant, Disinfectant, Cleanser, etc.

Process Control Technology & Process Automation
Automation System, Water Meter, Metering Device,Instrumentation, Management / Control Module, Measuring Apparatus, Computer Simulation System, Process Control Equipment, etc.

Water Purification Equipment / Drinking Water Equipment
Central Water Softener, RO Water Purifier, Ultrafiltration / Nanofiltration Water Purifier, Mineral Water Purification Equipment, Water Dispenser, Direct Drinking Machine, Sand Sucker, Mud Scraper, Oil-Water Separator, Air-Flotation Equipment, Process Unit, etc.

Transport and Storage
Centrifugal Pump, Hollow Pump, Metric Pump, Sewage Valve, cut-Off Pump, Throttle, Instrument Valve, Pipe Fitting, Filter, Elbow Connector, Seals, Quick Coupler, Pipe Welding, Silo, Container, etc.

Supporting Services
Water Affairs, Water Disposal Enginnering Unit, Consulting and Design Agency, Branches, Certification / Testing Services, Education, Research, Consultation, etc.